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With 10+ years in the Toy Business, $2 million in direct annual sales and sales processes that built one of the top puzzle companies.

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What Our Clients Say

Aliester’s work got our products into national grocery chains Sprouts, Harmon’s Safeway and Meijer. He also got us picked up by two major distributors. He is resourceful, credible and a true business partner.

COO - Carthage Brands

Sami Gamoudi

COO – Carthage Brands

Aliester is innovative in organizing and improving toy sales and marketing processes. He also has amazing client skills. Every buyer that I have met that he served was exuberantly happy with their experience.

COO - Carthage Brands

Federico P

Head of Product Major Puzzle Company

Aliester’s razor-sharp focus on sales process is a major part of our business success. Before, we were struggling to get the attention of buyers. Now we have a process that consistently delivers us more than enough meetings we need to grow our business.

COO - Carthage Brands

Carols Vargas

Founder – Connect 4

Enter new channels and accelerate growth without paying sales commissions

Our Process

The toy industry is about more than sales – it’s about sparking joy. We get that. While tactics change, our core mission stays true: connecting families with perfect playtime matches.

Here’s how we do it differently

Deep Dives: We research target retailers, competitors, and trends to craft a message that resonates.

Storytelling Power: We move beyond features. We craft a narrative that captures the emotional connection your toys create.

The Right Fit: We build buyer profiles to target ideal retail partners and decision-makers.

Brand Champions: We commit ourselves to creating a way for the right buyers to recognize your value.

We don’t ‘spray and pray. We build targeted campaigns that create relationships for long-term success.

Each campaign gives you:

A number of meetings with qualified, interested contacts

A list of warm leads that should receive additional contacts

Battle-tested and revised scripts and sales assets

Insight into what your clients are responding to (and not)

Cold outreach isn’t about the technical conversation. It is about giving them an introduction that lets them see your credibility, and creates enough curiosity so that the person says, “I should probably talk to these guys.” 

Let's grow your toy business

Hey There. I'm Aliester. People call me the “Puzzle Cowboy”

Here’s the simple reason why:

I worked with so many people in the toy business, that I just became known as the Puzzle Cowboy. Also, partly the boots 🙂

But it wasn’t always like this…..

It all started when I joined a tiny unknown puzzle company in Montreal.

It wasn’t an overnight success. In fact we had only six titles, and less customers than that. But I saw an opportunity.

I built $2 million in direct annual revenue, and sales processes that brought the brand to the top of the puzzle category.

And today I am proud to help other Family Owned Toy Businesses get the meetings they need to make their business a success.

Aliester North
Founder of Toy Meetings

10 Things That Are Not As Good As Hiring TOY MEETINGS To Fill Your Sales Pipeline

#1 Paid Ads

Good for Building a Cold List, Bad for Direct Sales

Clicks don’t equal conversations – retail buyers rarely buy based on ‘perceived popularity.

#2 The Rolodex Salesperson

Limited Network, Limited Growth

They’ll tap out their existing contacts quickly and lack the skills to generate new, sustainable leads.

#3: The Commission-Only Outside Salesperson

Short-Term Results, Long-Term Reputation Damage

They’ll aggressively blast through leads, potentially harming your brand while seeking quick wins.


#4. The Sales Freelancer

Inconsistent Quality, Lack of Support Systems

Results vary wildly, and without a proven process, it’s a gamble with a high risk of failure.

#5. Your Family Friend

Being Talkative Doesn’t Mean They Have Sales Skills

This leads to frustration and wasted time for everyone involved.

#6. The Digital Marketing Agency

Content Warms Leads, But Humans Close Deals

Nurturing is important, but it takes personalized outreach to convert interest into appointments.

#7. The In-House Salesperson

Closer, Not a Prospector

They excel at closing warm leads but flounder with cold outreach, and their time is too valuable to waste.

#8. The DIY Business Owner As Salesperon

Time-Consuming, Frustrating, and Rarely Effective

You are passionate, and an expert in your field. But not in marketing or lead generation. Without support, your outreach can feel like a full-time career on its own.

#9. Attending More Trade Shows and Networking Events

High Cost, Low Predictability, Same Old Thing

These can be valuable for brand exposure but are unreliable for consistent, fresh lead generation.

#10. Expanding the Internal Sales Team

Expensive and Time-Consuming

Recruiting, training, and managing new hires is a major investment, with no guarantees of increased lead generation.

The road to success starts with getting one thing right at a time.

We give Toy Companies a systematic approach for lead generation that builds personal connections with buyers at scale.

Aliester North, Founder, Toy Meetings

When you work with us you get the benefits of a firing-on-all-cylinders SDR sales team at a fraction of the cost.

  • Market validation
  • Expert copywriting
  • Custom sales assets
  • Proven frameworks
  • Steady lead flow
  • Email deliverability
  • Hand-picked lead lists
  • SDR calling
  • No long-term contracts

More about Aliester North


Aliester entered the sales world out of necessity after studying Marketing Management at BCIT in Vancouver, BC. He became the consistent top performer on a d2d sales team of 20+ reps. Later, he pursued Theatre Arts at Concordia University in Montreal.

In 2010, after realizing he was not destined to become an actor, Aliester joined a local art publishing company with a mission of getting the first clients for a fledgling puzzle brand. Over the next 10 years he committed himself tirelessly to building relationships and client advocacy in the toy and hobby industry.

By 2020, he had generated millions in direct annual revenue and developed inside sales processes that helped the brand become a market leader.

Today, Aliester continues to sharpen his sales knowledge under the direct mentorship and support of some of the worlds most respected sales trainers and authors. His specialization is on the cold outbound process, and he is proud to leverage his extensive expertise to level the playing field for toy companies seeking to improve their outreach effectiveness.

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